Every Wednesday

Astoria Tango School

The Astoria Tango School is dedicated to continuing the tradition of the Argentine Tango — the music, poetry, artistry and social dance phenomenon. Our goal is to nurture the legacy of the Tango, bringing this rich cultural heritage to New York City while maintaining a strong connection to the Tango’s roots.

The Astoria Tango school will focus on the social dance with its codes, musicality and elegance. These are the pillars of the dance as it is taught in Buenos Aires and they are relevant today on dance floors around the world!

While teaching the Tango essentials — lead & follow, classic steps & sequences, rhythms & musicality — we will explore the history and context of this living art form, the people and cultures that contributed to its origins, and the passionate devotion it continues to inspire.

The Astoria Tango School offers authentic Tango Argentino instruction in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere, in true Argentine style.
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Every Monday @ Cellar 58


Inspired in the legendary "Caño 14" in Buenos Aires, TangoBar, showcases the works of the most prominent Tango artists, living or visiting in NYC.

Hosted by the flamboyant Pablo Pereyra-singer, performer and instigator; Tango House's intimate and elegant cabaret, becomes the perfect place for a close encounter of the third kind with the music that has been declared World's Cultural Heritage by the United Nations: Argentine Tango.

Expect incredible music, agonizing renditions of the saddest tangos and good wine and food.

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Friday, December 19th

Tango & Folklore

A close encounter with the music and the dance of Argentina

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